Vehicle Fleet

  • Diving and pusher boat ‘Alina TF1’

    Length: 20.45 m
    Width: 4,70 m
    Draft: 1.35 m
    Passage: 4.30 m
    Power: 2 x Cummins diesel each 91 KW
    Gearbox: 2 x Twin Disc reversing gears
    Power supply: 1 x MWM Diesel with 35 KVA
    1 x Farymann Diesel with 8 KVA

    Fuel tank: 3.750 liters Diesel
    Drinking water: 500 liters


    • Pushing pontoons and barges approved
    • Approved to navigate tanker ports
    • Navigating waters up to zone 2
  • Diving and landing boat ‘Leni TF2’

    Length: 26.00 m
    Width: 7,20 m
    Passage: 5,80 m
    Draft: 1,30 m
    Power: 2x MWM Deutz with 166 kW each
    Gearbox: 2x reversing gear
    Power supply: 1x Hatz Diesel Silent Pack with 44 kVA

    Fuel tank: 2 x 4.500 liters
    Drinking water: 1.500 liters


    • Navigating waters zone 3 and 4
    • Longitudinal towing possible
    • Can be loaded with diving container
    • Authorisation to navigate in tanker ports

  • Working boat ‘Peter’

    Length: 7.00 m
    Width: 2,25 m
    Draught: 1,00 m

    Power: 1x Hatz Diesel Silent Pack with 30 kW


    • Approval to navigate in tanker ports

  • Tower crane Peiner SK 186.1

    Hook height: 32.50 m
    Jib length: 60.00 m

    Load capacity at maximum extension: 2.1 t
    Load capacity at minimum extension: 12.5 t

  • Telescopic forklift ‘Manitou’ with working platform, earth shovel and hydraulic winch

    Length: 5.40 m
    Width: 2.38 m
    Height: 3.10 m
    Empty weight: 13,75 t

    max. lifting height: 14,78 m
    max. lifting capacity: 4,2 t
    max. reach: 12,50 m
    lifting capacity at max. lifting height: 2,7 t
    lifting capacity at max. reach: 800 kg

  • 2 Sprinter

    For professional diving operations over land

    Length: 7.37 m
    Width: 2.02 m
    Passage: 2,61 m
    Power: diesel V6 with 140 kW/ 200hp
    Power supply: 1 gasoline generator, 1 x 220V, 1 x 16A
    Safety equipment: 3 x life jackets Kadematic,
    3 x Safety helmet with visor and hearing protection,
    1 x Oxygen resuscitation case,
    1 x First aid kit.
    Diving equipment: 2 x Complete diving kits for emergency and reserve divers for safe diving.

    Underwater tools for all work, such as :

    • Hydraulic chainsaw, drill, pillar drill, angle grinder, caulking hammer, reciprocating saw
    • UW torch and welding shop
    • Rinse pump and rinse lance
    • Ultrasonic measuring device Cygnus ‘Dive’
    • Sandblasting equipment
    • Survey tools

    Hydraulic power unit 18 hp
    Video equipment to create underwater recordings and documentation

  • Platform trailer

    Length: 7.08 m
    Width: 2.50 m

    Transportation options:

    • Transportation of (submersible) containers
    • Transportation of longer cargo
    • Transport of 1x 20 foot container or 2x 10 foot containers with twistlock connections for attachment to the cargo bed

  • 2 Diving containers

    Length: 2.98 m
    Width: 2,44 m
    Height: 2.59 m


    • 2 x Complete diving equipment for the mission diver and reserve diver
    • Safety equipment: 3 x life jackets Kadematic, 3 x safety helmet with visor and hearing protection, 1 x oxygen resuscitation case, 1 x first aid kit.
    • Board computer